Ways to communicate more effectively in the workplace

Ways to communicate more effectively in the workplace

Why good communication is important in the workplace

Communication is one of the biggest keys in ensuring you and your team are on the same page.

Without good communication skills tasks may not be completed correctly or not completed at all.

In addition other areas could be impacted such as customer service, team assignments and missed business opportunities.

Communication can help ensure the continuous success of the business.


Tips on better communication in the workplace

Hold team and/or individual meetings

A meeting is a good way to address any concerns, big projects coming up or just general day to day activities.

Moreover this allows you to understand your audience better.

Building stronger relationships

It is important to build workplace relationships, stronger relationships are more likely to provide results.

Explain ‘why’

This isn’t always necessary however would be in the circumstance a staff member isn’t doing a task correctly.

Follow up

To clarify when someone is struggling to understand what is required.

Recognise great work

When a staff member is performing well it is important to recognise it and subsequently show appraisal.

Take time to listen

During workplace conversations allow both parties to respond.

Ask open ended questions

Questions that require elaboration, instead of a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


Communication strategies

Use Great Communication Tools

For example slack or Microsoft teams.

Project based platforms that work well are Monday.

Make Time for One-on-Ones 

This allows employees to bring to your attention any issues, concerns or opportunities they wish to discuss further.

Be Open to Feedback

Communication can fail if all parties are not open to the feedback, consequently creating business impacts.


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