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Studying a course at the Diploma level means that students will gain a greater depth of knowledge in their chosen vocational area as well as building higher-level problem solving skills. A Diploma fosters analytical, planning and management tasks and is designed to develop both broad and in-depth knowledge in professional, technical or creative fields. When you choose to study at Diploma level, you will learn planning, development and management skills designed to ensure that you will excel in your chosen career. You’ll begin the journey towards a future within that vocation if you choose, or a pathway to further study in your field.

Advanced Diploma

Choosing to take your learning to the level of Advanced Diploma indicates that you are ready for studying high-level practical and professional skills in your vocational area. An Advanced Diploma is ideal for ambitious professionals wanting to move quickly into a job role or advance their career prospects by gaining a qualification that builds specialised knowledge in a particular area. An Advanced Diploma supports the development of more advanced analytical and problem solving skills within the specialised area of study, while also building management skills, and practical techniques for the workplace. More information about the delivery arrangements for each diploma course can be found on the course below.


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