NSW Funded Training

NSW Smart and Skilled Funding

New Skills Agreement to support vocational training and skills development across NSW.

The NSW and Commonwealth governments have signed a $319 million 12-month Skills Agreement to support vocational training and skills development across NSW.

The funding will deliver a significant boost to the NSW skills and training sector by providing fee free places in courses that support NSW businesses and industries experiencing skills and labour shortages.

Targeted Full Qualification – Subsidised Training Programs

This Training is subsidised by the NSW Government

It is an NSW State initiative, providing training to obtain skills in priority and growth industries.

If you live or work in NSW, you have the opportunity to access a subsidised training course under NSW Smart and Skilled.

Smart and Skilled flexible eligibility rules make subsidised training open to eligible NSW residents, regardless of employment status and the qualifications you hold.

Now is the time to take up this opportunity. It’s time to get Smart and Skilled!

Are you eligible for subsides training under NSW Targeted Priorities Funding programs?

NSW Fee Free program subsidised by the NSW Government. You will need to fit the following criteria:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, Permanent Resident or Humanitarian/Refugee Visa holder
  • Live and/or work in New South Wales
  • Be 15 years of age or older
  • Be no longer in school (Secondary School)

You may be eligible!

Please contact our office on 02 963 33929 if you have any further questions or if you would like to have a conversation about your eligibility.

How to register for a funded targeted priority training program?

Complete the Smart and Skilled Traineeship form below.

  • Download a Course Information Flyer relating to the qualification you wish to study, and the industry you are working or intending to commence working in.
  • A course advisor will contact you to organise an enrolment interview
  • Upon confirming your eligibility, you can commence your training!

Enquire about the NSW Targeted Priority Training

If you are interested in the Targeted Priority Training, please contact us at 02 963 3929 or fill out our online form below to find out if you are eligible for NSW Government subsidised training:

Enquiry NOW

NSW Fee Free Traineeship Programs

Training under NSW Fee Free is fee free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

NSW Trainees who are funded under Smart and Skilled, and commence subsidised training on or after 1 January 2020, are eligible for free training!

The NSW Department of Education will pay the student fee on behalf of trainees who fit the eligibility requirements below. The fee will be paid directly to the approved Smart and Skilled training provider.
The trainee or their employer will not be required to pay the fee.

What is a traineeship?

Traineeships and apprenticeships combine work-based training with an employer and formal training from a training provider. They are established under training contracts between the employer and the apprentice or trainee and are regulated by government. They’re a great way to be paid for work, learn and earn a qualification.

All NSW apprentices and most new-entrant trainees are eligible for a government subsidy under Smart and Skilled for the qualification that supports their Traineeship.

Are you eligible for Fee Free Traineeship training under NSW Smart and Skilled funding programs?

Eligible trainees can access up to three fee free training places over the life of the initiative. Access to fee free training is available to trainees, including school-based trainees, whose training:

  • Is funded under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled program, and
  • Commences on or after 1 January 2020
  • Further details on eligibility criteria can be found on vet.nsw.gov.au/fee-free-traineeships

What courses can I do with LET Training that are under NSW Fee Free Traineeship Programs?

Full Qualifications

  • BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business (Administration)
  • BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business (Operations)
  • BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resource Management
  • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resource Management

Do I qualify as a new entrant trainee under Smart and Skilled?

A person is eligible to be approved as a new entrant trainee if they have been employed by their traineeship employer:

  • for less than 3 months as a full-time, full-time equivalent part-time/casual, or a combination of these prior to the commencement of the traineeship;
  • for less than 12 months as a part-time or part-time equivalent casual employee prior to the commencement of the traineeship.
  • for less than 12 months in a combination of part-time, casual and full-time (or equivalent) employment prior to the commencement of the traineeship.

NB 1: Periods of part-time or casual employment where the learner is working 30 or more hours a week should be considered full-time “equivalent” for the purpose of these calculations.

NB 2: When determining compliance under dot point 3, periods of full-time or full-time equivalent part-time/casual employment should be converted to part-time using a ratio of 1:4. For example, 1 week of full-time employment (or equivalent) equates to 4 weeks part-time OR 2 months of full-time employment (or equivalent) equates to 8 months part-time.

NB 3: A person who commences a School-Based Traineeship is deemed a new entrant trainee, regardless of how long they were employed by the same employer prior to commencing the traineeship.

(Source: NSW Smart and Skilled)

What if I don’t meet the New Entrant criteria?

If you do not meet the full funding eligibility criteria under Smart and Skilled, there is still great news!
You or the employer may be required to pay a fee of $1000. (Please check eligibility requirements).
The payment of this fee is agreed upon by the student and their employer prior to enrolment.

Our Course Advisors can assess your eligibility for partially funded Traineeships and inform you of the next steps to take.

How to register for a funded traineeship?

Complete the Smart and Skilled Traineeship form below.

  • Download a Course Information Flyer relating to the qualification you wish to study, and the industry you are working or intending to commence working in.
  • If you are an existing worker, we will need to liaise with your employer and an Apprenticeship Network Provider to confirm your intent to enrol.
  • A course advisor will contact you to organise an enrolment interview
  • Upon confirming your eligibility, you can commence your Traineeship!

Enquire about the NSW Smart and Skilled Fee Free Traineeship

If you are an employer or an individual looking for a traineeship, please contact us at 02 963 3929 or fill out our online form below to find out if you are eligible for Smart and Skilled NSW Government Training Funding for Traineeships:

Enquiry NOW

Study at LET Training

We are proud of our dedicated team of trainers who provide support five days a week. They are committed to helping our students succeed and are available to provide guidance, answer questions, and assist with any challenges that may arise during the course of study.

When you apply to enrol our course, advisory team will call you immediately and guide you through to finish the enrolment process.

We do not have structured enrolment intake dates, giving you the ability to decide when you want to start your study program.

You can enrol and start at any time!

We are committed to seeing you through your course. To ensure you have the best chance of successfully completing your course, the following entry and study requirements apply.

  • Satisfy the qualification Entry Requirements as applicable.
  • Have access to a fully functional computer loaded with a web browser, web camera and appropriate software applications to read PDF files and produce documents (using Microsoft Suite); and
  • Have reliable internet access; and
  • Have a valid email account and a telephone with a valid telephone number for learning and assessment communication, support session; and
  • Participating in interactive assessment activities and interviews as required.

Skills needed for study:

  • Language and literacy skills at a level that enables you to read, interpret, communicate and apply a range of information and data, to write reports and other business documents for a variety of audiences, and to present and address issues.
  • Numeracy skills at a level that enables you to plan and manage time, resources and budgets, to read and understand workplace figures, statistics and measurements, and to solve routine workplace and operational problems.
  • Technology skills to conduct online research using a web browser and to use a variety of software applications to send emails with attachments, participate in web based communications, read PDF files, produce documents, analyse information and data.
  • Research skills to be able to research information and data from a variety of sources.
  • Attention to details to successfully complete all assessment tasks to the required published standard.
  • Once your enrolment is approved, we will set up your online learning account and give the login details to access to your course materials 24/7. You will have the completed flexibility to choose when and where you study.
  • You will be assigned with a dedicated trainer, who will be your main point of contact and assistance with your ongoing study.
  • You will be provided with a Study Plan with a clear goal of when your subjects are to be completed.
  • Your trainer will contact you weekly for the first 4 weeks and will contact you monthly after the first 4 weeks to ensure you are on track and comfortable with online learning.
  • You will also be supported by our Student Support team who will be supporting you in booking support sessions, coordinating with online learning account technical support and enquiries.
  • Study online – not alone and be supported every step of the way!
  • Start and study anytime of anywhere – completed flexible mode.
  • You will be invited to participate in live or recorded webinar tutorials facilitated by our trainers.
  • You will continue to receive regular phone calls and emails to check your progress and offer help. If we see you getting behind, we will increase our efforts to contact you to ensure you are getting the help you need.

Our assessments are thorough but are self-paced and help is only a phone call or email away.
Activities that you are asked to do are practical and based on simulated workplace experiences and needs.

Upon enrolment, you will be provided with detailed assessment task specifications and activities specific to the relevant unit of competency (via the Learning Management System). For example, you may be required to:

  • Complete projects and/or portfolios of evidence;
  • Answer a series of knowledge-based short answer questions;
  • Participate in interviews and/or interactive activities in a simulated business environment.

You will be required to submit your evidence for evaluation to the assessor, who will continue to maintain contact with you during the assessment decision-making process. You will also be provided with opportunities to adjust and resubmit your assessments based on the assessor’s feedback.

You will have a Study Plan and we will help you keep to it so that you end up with the qualification that you deserve as quickly as is feasible.

More information about Smart and Skilled

Smart And Skilled Fee Administration Policy

For current Smart and Skilled Fee Administration policy and more information about the training programs, please click this link: https://www.nsw.gov.au/education-and-training/resources/smart-and-skilled-fee-administration-policy

Contact details for Smart and Skilled

For Smart and Skilled student and employer enquiries call 1300 772 104, or email smartandskilled.enquiries@det.nsw.edu.au.

Website: www.education.nsw.gov.au/skills-nsw.