Project Administrators

Project Administrators

Project Administrators look after project based tasks such as project administration, project programs and project functions.

A project administrator can work in a broad range of industries. Most commonly these roles are in construction, engineering, financial services, healthcare and management consultancy.


Project Administrator Responsibilities

Preparing project based reports

Reports are required in this role to understand what is and isn’t working in the project. They also help understand if the project is still on time according to the initial planned timeline or if the project is out of the assigned budget.

Planning outcomes and timelines

Planning is done at the beginning of the project; however continues during the entirety of the project. Projects can be un-predictable therefore planning is needed if issues arise.

Site visits

Site visits are necessary in this role as a project can be hard to plan without seeing what you are working with.

Managing and altering contracts

During a project you are likely to be working with different stakeholders, contracts may be required depending on the industry and project.

Assisting with project budgeting

All projects should have a budget, the project team is also likely to have a overall budget for the year. As a project administrator you are likely to be involved in assisting or monitoring spending’s on projects.

Ordering supplies for a project

Depending on the type of project and industry, supplies may be needed in order to complete the project.


Project Administrator Skills

A Qualification in Business

This is not always expected by a business.

However, we recommend this so you have the necessary foundation skills and knowledge.

Previous experience

This skill is not always expected when applying for a job.

However, it is always good to have, experience doesn’t always have to be in a work environment.

Problem Solving Skills

This position can mean your day to day tasks may not always go to plan or be similar everyday. Problem-solving skills are necessary in order to solve office issues, customer service issues or other issues.

Organisational skills

This skill is important for the same reason problem-solving skills are a necessity.

Solid written and verbal communication skills

It is important to have good writing skills and be able to use things like Microsoft office; particularly for reporting on projects.


Average Pay Project Administrator’s

According to the average pay for a project administrator is AU$63,614 a year


How to become a Project Administrator

If a career as a project administrator sounds like something you want to do, we can help you!

Enrol in our Certificate IV in Business and specialise your skills in Operations.

Your units will cover many areas that will allow you to move into the career comfortably.

In addition our Certificate IV in Business (Operations) is nationally recognised.

How to enrol in the Certificate IV in Business (Operations)

Head to the course page and select enrol now

Once your enrolment application has been received, we will start processing your application.

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