Time management tips when studying

Time management tips when studying

Time management skills are critical when studying online, especially when you might be trying to juggle different priorities.

It is important to have a study plan in place when committing to your course.

Here is a list of time management tips when studying you could consider as part of your study plan…


Write a to-do list

This list will serve as a reminder of the important tasks required and what might need to be prioritised.

Find a dedicated study space and time in your week

As a online learner, you need to schedule your study periods independently. We recommend finding a suitable time to study each week and spreading your study sessions out where possible.

Be realistic about how much time you will spend studying

Take into consideration the course requirements and how long you have taken in the past on study sessions.

Review your notes regularly

This is important to make sure you are taking on board the new information and processing the information. As part of your time management plan and study plan, you should include this as a task.

Create a schedule

Write a schedule in your planner, journal, phone or timetable – whatever works best for you. There are even some time management apps you can download. When creating your plan, think about when you are available and most alert.


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