Steps to take to get a promotion

Steps to take to get a promotion

A promotion is available when a employee moves up to a higher rank in a company.

A promotion can be beneficial to a individual or a company in many different ways.

One of the greatest benefits for a individual is professional development and income growth.

There can be many great benefits for a company promoting a staff member like increasing staff motivation, productivity and reducing attrition.


Steps to take to get a promotion

Work on your communication skills

Part of being a leader is being able to communicate well with people.

Communication is a large key in running effective workplace plans; for instance daily, weekly or monthly plans.

Learn how you can improve

Be open to the fact that you may need to improve certain areas of your work place tasks.

Be positive and nice to others

A good leader is positive at work and nice to others.

Actively assist with building revenue, company image and company improvement

The harder you work with your boss and/or co-workers to improve the company for the better the more likely you will become someone who is viewed as promotable.

Explore further training or enrol in a course

This is a step that is very likely to help you in receiving a promotion.

Training in the specific field you are looking to be promoted in shows dedication and a deeper understanding of the job.


What not to do

Don’t burn yourself out

Burning yourself out is when you are overworking yourself and committing to much of your time to work and projects.

In other words, make sure you keep a work life balance when working towards a promotion.

Don’t overestimate

In conclusion, be realistic with your skills, knowledge, training, experience and what might be achievable.


Courses on offer that can assist with a promotion

Completing a qualification can be one of the most successful steps to take in order to receive a promotion.

At LET Training, we offer Leadership and Management courses that are nationally recognised and in addition can be used in almost any industry.


BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Our Leadership and Management certificate IV is great for entry level positions like team leaders.

The average pay for a team leader position in Australia is AU$70,200


BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Diploma focuses on positions in management roles like Administration Managers or Business Development Managers.

The average pay for a manager position in Australia is AU$116,215 a year


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