Career Snapshot: Human Resources

Career Snapshot: Human Resources

Anyone who has worked for a business has more than likely dealt with HR. But what is a career in HR like and what does it entail. This career snapshot in human resources has all the answers.

In the business world, human resources is a critical role that provides a necessary service to the company and its employees. Typically this department handles a variety of functions, such as recruiting and inducting new staff members, dealing with conflict resolution, managing leave entitlements, benefits and payroll.

A career in HR can be rewarding, especially if you love working with people and helping them to perform at their best. Some of the most satisfying aspects of the job come from being able to improve the lives of other people, like offering someone a job, promoting deserving employees from within, improving salary and benefits, improving staff retention and boosting morale. Additionally, an important part of the role is the training and coaching of employees.

Starting or developing a career in human resources is a great choice and the best way to go about doing so is to study a relevant course. The three main courses are Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. These courses provide the qualifications necessary to thrive in human resources, whether you’re just starting out, or already have experience in the industry. Understanding how each course relates to the relevant job position is the best way of knowing where to start.

Human Resources Officer

This job is crucial to most businesses, especially those that strive to provide their employees with a positive work environment. Each company will have their own requirements for a Human Resources Officer with some companies needing employees to cover all aspects of HR, while larger places may need one person per section of HR.
To begin this career path, study Certificate IV in Human Resources Management.

Human Resources Manager

Since most companies need an HR department, often they will employ an individual to manage it. This role has many responsibilities and requires a detailed understanding of policies and procedures to properly keep the department and company running smoothly. Also involved in this role is the management of payroll, and implementation of WHS policies.
To obtain a position like this study for the Diploma of Human Resources Management

Senior Human Resources Manager

This position focuses on leading the entire HR department, while also looking after the organisations’ finances. Another aspect of this role is performance development and contributing to strategic workforce planning. This role is very specialised and generally requires previous experience and study in order to perform successfully.
To become a Senior Human Resources Manager study for the Advanced Diploma of Human Resources Management

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