How to achieve a positive work, study, and life balance

Education is a vital key in being able to reach your ambitions in life, however it can be super hard trying to balance out your life whilst carrying out your education. As a general rule of thumb, to succeed you must take the risk and with that comes courage to face the fear of uncertainty no matter the outcome. In this case, some people wish to not take the risk of studying whilst they have so many other activities and responsibilities in their life because sometimes it seems like the easier road; however, it can be done, let’s talk about how you can achieve this and how people who have been in a similar boat before also have been able to achieve this positive work, study, and life balance.

The topic come up at our office this week and it left me wondering how everyone manages to do this for themselves. I asked my colleague Christina how she achieved a positive work, study and life balance whilst studying, Christina wrote: “There was a time during my studies where I was working as a casual but on full time hours, I am also a mother, so studying online was very beneficial for me and suited my lifestyle and current situation. Balancing work, study and life was not easy; however, my desire, passion and dream were the main push I needed to achieve my goal. I am so proud of myself look back at the challenge of juggling all three situations.  Needless to say, that if I can do it, anyone can.  I believe you have to have to have the passion and wanting to complete a qualification in order to continue that motivation during the struggle of the balance. I definitely knew it would be a challenge. But if you incorporate studying into your routine, it will become natural habit overtime”. How wonderful is that!

As people grow as individuals, we become more confident and resilient and when this happens you will build on those skills and this will help you be able to take more risks. In turn this will improve your chances of achieving our future goals! Thinking on this, I believe if you are in comfortable stage in your life and you feel like you have developed some inner confidence then that is most likely the best time for you to start thinking on your future goals and starting a course towards your future. When you feel confident and sure within, it will manifest on the rest of your life. For me personally, I like to lead a very positive life so balancing out my study, work and personal endeavours is really important to me. I think in order for me to be able to achieve the best of my capabilities in all areas I do need to ensure my activities are balanced. How I do this is by setting out a calendar in my kitchen and writing everything I have on for that week, once completed I cross out the activity whether that is something simple like eating or something more complex and takes longer like a study session or work. I find, this makes me feel more organised and because its all laid out on my notice board I can really see where I am actually spending my time and make sure everything is balanced out!

What advice do we recommend for students?

  • We recommend taking care of yourself, this is so important in leading a positive balance in your life regardless of the activities!
  • Time management is also vital, find a way that works for you to do this.
  • Pick a job that works for you!
  • Take the time to reward yourself.
  • Be productive and efficient.

I spoke to Christina about this, Christina wrote: “Complete a self-assessment or evaluation.  Figure out your strengths, weakness, and goals academic and employment wise.  This will help narrow you find what techniques and styles are compatible to your personality and help you study the course more suitable to your wants and needs within your desired direction, dream job or skills you would like to learn”.

Our students and their achievements

We have so many students who have balanced out their life, studies and work successfully. As always, we have supported our students through the whole process and have been flexible.

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Published by Kathryn Gall

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