What is in my teacher bag?

What makes our teachers Great?

At LET Training we love to motivate our students and inspire them to be the best possible versions of themselves, we are firm believers in supporting our students and being enthusiastic, caring, and accessible. Our teachers are great listeners and have a pure passion for teaching and learning.


Why are teachers so important?

Teachers are some of the most important members of our society, they give people a purpose to set themselves up to be successful citizens of our world. In the world today, teachers play an essential role in everyone’s life because they teach us many useful skills that we can implement in our lives. The power of an effective teacher is something almost all of us may have experienced, in some cases you will hold great gratitude for what your teacher offered you.


Learn more about Bilal and how he teachers students (Trainer at LET Training)

Bilal is a dedicated trainer at LET Training, he is committed to his job and works closely with students as well as business managers to motivate diverse groups to achieve targeted goals. Bilal holds various Advanced Diplomas and Diplomas in Leadership and Management, Human Resources Management, Business and Work Health and Safety, with more than 15 years’ experience in training and assessment delivery. Bilal is friendly to work with, committed to students and has received some really positive student feedback.


Learn more about Ray and how he teachers students (Trainer at LET Training)

Ray is one of the most passionate trainers you will ever know, he holds a Master of Education (Leadership and Management) with Distinction, Bachelor of Further Education and Training, and various vocational qualifications in Business and Training and Education. Ray has over 30 years’ experience in leadership and management experience across a diverse range of business sectors! Ray specializes in Human Resources Management, Organisational Change and Development, Hospitality Management, Quality Assurance, Business Administration, Leadership and Management, and Training and Education.

I asked Ray what resources and tools he has used and implement into his teaching style, here is what Ray wrote:

“ Key tools for me include: a strong commitment, service ethic, and educational capability to help others learn and grow; empathy as a continuous learner; willingness to share my skills, knowledge, and experience; and, most importantly, a flexible “one-size-fits-one” approach to working with learners, respectful of the skills, knowledge, experience, perspectives, and preferences that each individual brings to the learning table (…on that note, I often learn just as much as the learners I work with!)”


Learn more about Ian and how he teachers students (Trainer at LET Training)

Ian has over 37 years involvement in learning and development and Government industries. Ian holds various Advanced Diplomas and Diplomas in Management, Human Resources Management, Business and Work Health and Safety.

I asked Ian about his learning techniques, here is what Ian wrote:

“I often tell my students about the cycle of “Managing Performance and Continual Improvement”.

It is essentially a 7–8-part process.

  1. Review the performance of the individual/team/task/process – the review will produce results, and those results can be Quantitative or Qualitative.
  2. Analyse the results – to determine if there is a need for change.
  3. If change is required – consult with experts to determine the nature and context of the changes required.
  4. Propose the changes to management, looking for approval – Changes always have an initial cost, which must be considered.
  5. Presuming the changes are approved – Develop new or updated Procedures, Procure the new equipment etc.
  6. Train the staff – who are affected by the changes.
  7. Implement the changes.
  8. Same as 1. above.

Take note, this is a period beyond the implementation of the change, maybe quarterly or bi-annually – Review the performance of the individual/team/task/process – the review will produce results, and those results can be Quantitative or Qualitative.

That is why I call it the “Performance Management” cycle – because it is cyclic. “


Learn more about Lily and how she teachers students (Trainer at LET Training)

Lily loves to help students succeed academically and give all students attention, understanding and patience. Lily’s passion for her job shows in her teaching, students feel welcome and comfortable. Lily holds a Master of Commerce (Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations), Bachelor of Business Administration, and various Advanced Diplomas in Leadership and Management, and Work Health and Safety, as well as a Graduate Diploma of Language, Literacy and Numeracy. Lily is a human resource and organisational development practitioner, business adviser, and online training facilitator with diverse management and leadership experience and achievements across a broad field over the past 25 years.

Lily recommends to our students the ‘Five Be’s’, here is what Lily wrote:

“Five Be’s for students study online:
  1. Be open minded about sharing work, and educational experiences as part of the learning process, e.g., work related tasks and processes or technologies.
  2. Be Self-motivated and self-disciplined. With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes responsibility. The online process takes a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the process.
  3. Be willing to “seek support” if problems arise. Many of the non-verbal communication mechanisms that trainers use in determining whether students are having problems are not possible in the online training programs. If you are experiencing difficulty on any level (either with the technology or with the course content), you should communicate this immediately with your trainer. It helps you stay focused, stay motivated and study effectively. Remember, asking question is part of learning.
  4. Be willing and able to commit approx. 15 hours per week of study. Online is not easier than the traditional educational process. In fact, many students will say it requires much more time and commitment. Trainers are here to support you, but just unable to help if you don’t have time for study.
  5. Be able to meet the minimum requirements for the program. The requirements for online are no less than any other quality of Nationally Recognised training program. The successful student will view online as a convenient way to receive their professional development certification – not an easier way.”


What is in our teacher bags?

Our teachers at LET Training offer a range of great traits, including:

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